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Passion for Education

We love working with schools, especially those where the school's sense of purpose, passion and community really resonates with the student body and can be felt throughout all aspects of the experience.

Schools like Peirce College in Philadelphia appeal to new students because there is a palpable energy and welcoming attitude. This isn't achieved with a tagline and glossy brochure, it's fostered everyday in how you're greeted at the front desk, the affirming attitude of the admissions office, the passion you see from the professors, the approachability of the President walking the halls and even the support crew (janitors, security, maintenance) who are all more than happy to take a moment to let you know what the school means to them. It's a contagious attitude you want to be a part of and one we continuously see in the schools we work with.

We get excited to work with our clients in those types of environments, not only because it's inspiring and fun, but because it challenges us to capture those intangibles. Our goal is to always give someone a glimpse at the experience they will have when attending that school and, most importantly, compel them to take action. We also work with the school to help them figure out the best way to utilize the film. Maybe it's simply a brand film that resides on their website or maybe it turns into a multi-part series that gets edited into 1 minute segments to really focus on specific aspects of the school or it may also become 30 sec commercials for use on the web or traditional television. The possibilities are many and we'll offer our insights into what would work best for your school. (Below is a sampling of what we did for Peirce - a 4 minute brand film, a 60 second spot and two 15 second bumper spots.) 


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We love what we do and we hope it shows. We're not ones to pat ourselves on the back, or tell everyone how great we think we are, but here's what Lisa Paris of Peirce Collage had to say about us...

“The guys at Modest Giant really take the time to understand your organization so that they deliver creative which captures the essence of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. Our brand video was so impactful that we had tears in our eyes during the first viewing. On a lighter note, they’re such a fun team to work with that I can’t wait for the next project!”

- Lisa Paris Assistant Vice President, Marketing/Communications | Peirce College

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